Wednesday, April 19, 2006


this is probably the last in the 'accumulate' series for the time being, more to come though.. thanks to mark for the sharing of his memories.

click the image to watch or download the movie here (quicktime 1.5mb)

source media / fragments available -
, , ,,, fragment58sh.aif,
not working? maybe you don't have quicktime..go to the archive for flash versions


french/new/wave/nerd said...

this entire series is absolutely brilliant -the notion of seemingly insignificant moments in our lives all relevant to one another and all intrinsic to our making. POWERFUL AND STUNNING.


Will Luers said...

i love this series. Opens a lot of doors for me. Is there anyway to get to a permalink to the whole set? i don't see you using tags.

duncan said...

erm.. well, only the permalinks to the blog post themselves.. if you go the main page you'll be able to see all of them, this one and the last one have links to all the source media. do you mean technorati tags?

What u fuka-AKA Da Pimp said...
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What u fuka-AKA Da Pimp said...

super gay and some might say gay as hell (:

Anonymous said...

hehe its not super gay.. stop it, lol. its nice , i like his work. a lot!