Wednesday, April 05, 2006



progressive narrative?..finding the drama through making the edit? ..
open to you if you feel like playing..

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source media / fragments available -
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Cuoredifango said...

Your videos are exactely what I would like to learn to do....

EmoRiot said...

You know, the women you interviewed sounds very much like Natasha from Prospekt. You know, the one who spoke while inhaling? Not that this lady speaks while inhaling. But when Natasha was exhaling and speaking, the two sound alike. Have I thoroughly confused the point?

duncan said...

no the point...well.. its flexible.. but the general idea is about making the editing process visible, and finding a narrative/theme through exploration.. so i'm just adding fragments as i go along, and seeing if they start to make some kind of sense, but more importantly i'm making all the fragments available on their own, so that if people want to recut it, or rethink it they can do that from the ground up, but no-one seems to have approached it from that angle yet.. we'll see i guess.. it's useful for me to be able to reflect on them as individual bit as well.

Adam & Vik said...

Ok your on lest give it a go videoblogging week has ended and I'm itching for more

ryanne hodson said...

perfect length

What u fuka-AKA Da Pimp said...

more gay shit form you man? uh... what else is new?

Anonymous said...

again. very nice work. dont listen to that guy saying everything is gay, lol. its Awsome. and yes the leight is perfect.