Thursday, November 10, 2005

kaffe matthews remix

(quicktime movie 2.4 mb)
"London-based sound artist Kaffe Matthews presents a symphony for radios and bicycles!" Went to see this great new piece by Kaffe Matthews recently and thought i'd remix some of my documentation (seeing as it's remix month). More information about the piece can be found by going to the drawing room site. It's still on until the 20th November in London if you want to see it (hear it? ride it?). I'd also recommend checking out some of Kaffe's recorded work, 'CD Bea' and 'Eb + Flo' being my personal favourites.

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Graham Walker said...

Always nice to see your work Duncan.

Unknown said...

everytime one of the best vlogger we can find, sure my favourite your editing is incredible

Anonymous said...

cool duncan. id give 8/10. :)

i always love what u do with the picture. the colors