Saturday, December 31, 2005

caviar, separation and collaboration

click here for video (quicktime 4.3mb)

has it really been 6 weeks since i last made a post? somehow i feel that i've estranged myself from the videoblogging community over the last few months, this hasn't been intentional, i guess it's just the way things go, things have been fairly turbulent in my life over the last month, is that an excuse? so onwards with motivation for the coming year... to step back in, make more films, engage in more collaborations, as a token of commitment to this idea my last video of the year is a promo for bottomunion and their 'carp caviar' project. (with some footage sourced from eric's documentary footage i found in the archive) if you don;t know the bottom you should really check out some of the beautiful work there like 'one thing' and 'whirlygig of time' anyway, here's to the new year everyone!.. be well

not working? maybe you don't have quicktime..go to the archive for flash versions, not everything is there yet !