Sunday, May 07, 2006

first visit?

If you're not sure what this videoblog is about then here are 4 of my favourite videos to get you started. If you're interested by what you see then click on the comments link at the bottom of this entry to add your thoughts.

click on the images to see the movies, they'll open in a small pop-up window, each one is about 30secs long and around 2mb in size) or download them here if the pop up doesn't work -

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Most of the stuff I post here is documentary, not planned and staged, just captured. I film using a little digital stills camera, and then treat the image and sound to help focus the ideas I'm presenting, and often write some music. You'll need to have quicktime to view these films, although some of them are available as flash movies in the archive.

I stole the idea of a 'first visit' post from daniel at, if you haven't already seen his videoblog forget looking at my stuff and go there now, not only does he have great ideas about presenting stuff to new visitors, but he regularly produces beautiful and emotive films that truly embody the ideas John Grierson used to define - 'the creative treatment of actuality'